the story abut me in my first tamiya mini 4wd and tamiya kit

hi good morning or after noon my name is Suryadi Gunawan around 2002 i start seen so much people playing and buying  and most rare anime bakuso kyodai let and go so i did buy tamiya mini 4wd in a store that everyone buy it my first car was magnum and then sonic so i started to go somewhere then we all can race we need a track some car can be upgrade like rollor motor battery and so many more that we can do at that time i dont have that much money and still was a kid did not race just practice with my friend then i quit around 2003.20010 and return in 20012 and know forever i be in tamiya for good know cos i can find work and wanted to race people around the world and also tamiya model kit also buying so much stuff for tamiya kit seen tamiya kit has not painted yes so you have to paint by your own first use a brush to paint but it did not turn out good so i but airbrush to paint with.